How to use social media to boost your real estate business?

Most real estate agents realize the importance of their presence on social media is crucial to fulfilling their business needs. But do they know how to optimize their presence online?

Buying a new property can be a very important decision in life for most people. It is a hard choice and one that stays with you long term.

Clients want something more than just someone with a real estate license. They want someone who can give them the best possible property options and guide them towards making the right decision. It will benefit the agent if they can build the trust of the client so they can rely on the agent and his guidance with complete confidence.

Below are a few ways you can use social media effectively for real estate marketing.

The good, bad and ugly

Begin with promoting the community, not just the house. A buyer wants to know every minute detail of the community they are planning to become a part of. The client craves a personal touch.

Sure they want the hard statistics but that is not only they want. You can give them a much more detailed experience of the community. Use social media to show the client the markets you serve, expose the positives as well as the negatives.

Social media is one of the main parts of real estate digital marketing campaigns. These days it is common for cities to have a “@CityOf …” Twitter handle. You can incorporate this handle directly into your tweets. This will likely earn you a shoutout from these city twitter accounts.

Instagram can also be very helpful in promoting the towns and cities of your real estate. Click some aesthetically pleasing photos and post them on social media. It gives customers visual exposure to the places, attracting them to make quicker decisions.

Video Content

Pictures are good content but videos are better. Motion pictures are more interactive and engaging. Your conversions can increase by 80% if you have product videos. You can even post live video content on Facebook and Instagram, interacting with customers in real-time.

Be who you are

You always want to make a personal connection with your customers. They want to know who you are, your brand story and your work style. You need to come up with your own authentic social media content.

You could indeed ask someone to make marketing content for your agency but that will have its drawbacks. If you do not put your input into the content you will be compromising on its originality.