Make Magazines Instantly

When you look at magazines and put it together with its previous volumes, you see commonalities and differences and you realize it might be a lot of work for you but think again, because you can do it (you and a magazine printing company).

1. Think about a magazine name that sticks Your name has to be unique or easy to memorize because it is memorable. Names must stick, the more memorable it is the easier for the readers to get back and look for it.

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2. Fun features Make your magazines a little more than print, make it interactive. Include games that allow people to get freebies like gift vouchers or a shirt of your company. It is nice to show everyone how exciting your company is.

3. Great contributors Aside from yourself you need other people to write in your magazine. It would be very one sided if it was just you writing on it. Find the brightest minds that can turn just about everything into a literary phenomenon. Contributors must really have a good command of the language (what ever language you will be using) with barely any grammatical errors. Try writers out or read their previous writings before committing with one.

4. Advertisers So you can have good funding try to find advertisers that are willing to sponsor your magazine. If this is your first time it is wise to give them a big discount so they will be attracted to the offer. As much as possible specially if you are a professional entity do not tap advertisers that promote adult content, violence or anything that people could find offensive.