Top 6 Reasons Why You Must Invest In A Fabric Inspection Machine

The finest way to inspect and analyze the quality and defects in the fabric/cloth is through the fabric inspection machines. These machines are designed in such a way so that the fabric in any form – Loose Fabric, Fabric Roll and Plaited Fabric can be inspected precisely. The output can be taken in seamlessly aligned rolls or in other types (plaited fabric, loose fabric to name a few). Further, we can utilize inspection machine for non-woven fabrics and woven fabrics.

The inspection machines for technical textiles are power-driven and helps in examining the fabric many times more than the fabric examined on a conventional inspection tables. The imperfections are then located, marked and stated on an inspection form. These inspection machines for technical textiles also measures the length of the fabric simultaneously during inspection.

Following are the top 6 reasons why you must invest in inspection machines for non-woven fabrics and woven fabrics:

To have complete authority over your most important resource


The fabric constitutes around 70% of the price of the garment. Hence, to have a complete authority of over the important resource, it is vital to stringently check prior to leading the garment to the final production stage. For this reason, it is must to approach fabric inspection machine manufacturers.

For a quick inspection job

As we are assigned to inspect the fabric prior to proceeding it to the next stage, it is advisable to get it done with fabric inspection machine. The performance ability of fabric inspection machine to in comparison to fabric inspection tables is many times more.

To add to your profits

By purchasing a fabric inspection machine at a good price, you can ease your production process. About 99% of the fabric inspection machine is possible for all type of weaving, dyeing and printing flaws in a much shorter time. The machine also facilitates in reduced time, labour and fatigue among workers thus resulting in increasing your profits in a significant way.


To reduce unwarranted dependency on manual labour

With so many fabric inspection machine manufacturers in the market, you can buy fabric inspection machines and reduce the unwanted load on manual labour. Not more than 1-2 workers are required to do inspection of the fabric. And these 2 workers are enough to handle the inspection process, which cannot be carried out by even 8 men in a day manually.