Visiting to Kolkata – Must See Tourist Attractions IN Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the most important cities in the East of India. Situated on east bank of Hooghly River,Visiting to Kolkata – Must See Tourist Attractions IN Kolkata Articles Kolkata is third largest metropolitan of India. Kolkata was the capital of India till 1912, in English regime and this shows its importance in Indian culture. It was the most active city of India during the Indian Freedom Movement.

Today Kolkata is visited by large number of visitors from other parts of India as well as from outside India. If you are in Kolkata, then following are some of the places you must not miss.

1. Howrah bridge: The bridge that runs along the river Hooghly has become a landmark for Kolkata and the whole of west Bengal. It connects the city of Howrah to Kolkata. It is one of the finest cantilever bridges in the world. It is 705m long and 30m wide. When illuminated at night, it looks like a long beautiful necklace. It is the soul of the city of Kolkata. Popularity of this bridge can be seen by the fact that there is a Bollywood movie of same name that was released in late 70’s.

2. National library: It is the biggest library in India and the country’s library for public records. Prior to independence, it was also the residential quarter of the Lt. Governor of Bengal. With over 2 million books, it caters to everybody’s demands and needs. India is proud of it today for imparting world class library facilities to its users. You can get almost all books here and it is a heaven for bookworms.

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3. Shaheed minar: As the name suggests, the tower is homage to martyrs. Established in the year 1868, it was initially known as Ochterloney monument. The design of this tower is a great mixture of various architectural styles beautifully clubbed together. The unveiling of this tower marked the British victory in Gurkha war. If you are fit enough to negotiate 218 steps to reach to the top of this tower, you will have a beautiful view of the city.

4. Marble palace: The marble palace is a nineteenth century mansion located in the north of Kolkata, will capture your imagination from the first glimpse itself. A beautiful palace, it was built by one of the richest landlords of Kolkata. The building is a beautiful and wonderful mixture of various architectural styles. Though the architectural form is mainly gothic, a closer look reveals mixture of other European and oriental styles. The house contains some of the most famous British memorabilia. Equally striking are the gardens surrounding this structure made of about 126 types of marbles.