Ways To Take Care Of Your Furniture

One of the best ways to make your furniture last longer is to adopt some breakage prevention steps specifically on the type of furniture that you have. When you talk of furniture damage, you must not forget other factors that can contribute to this such as unintentional spills, blemishes and dents. There are also the weather changes, which can make a big impact on its deterioration.

Prevent Your Furniture from Damage

Furniture is made from different materials that include wood, metals, glass, plastics, fiberglass and upholstery (leather or fabric). The materials must be taken into consideration when you initiate a maintenance scheme since most furniture has a combination of these materials. For instance, a coffee table can be made from wood and glass or metal and glass. An entertainment center can have a combination of wood and glass as well. Then if your furniture is all-wood, it may also be built with a variety of wood types. The other is the finishing. It can have a finishing that contains some components of paint, stain, resin and non-wood laminates.

This only means that even if you follow the prevention guidelines to any type of furniture, there will still be a difference in the manner of cleaning as well as the cleaning materials to be used. It is important to know the right cleaning product that is suitable for your furniture material. It is also imperative to check the ingredients of the product as some may damage the other materials of your furniture. Remember most furniture has a combination of materials.

Dusting and Vacuuming

Have a regular dusting schedule. I would suggest that you do it on a weekly basis. Dust accumulates so fast and the longer it stays on the furniture, the harder it is to remove. Use a soft cloth and change it if it gets too dirty. Do not attempt to use it with another furniture piece once it gets too filthy.

Furniture made from leather and any kind of upholstery needs weekly

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vacuuming. Vacuuming will remove all the dusts that had built up in the gaps, corners and sides of your furniture. Use the soft bristle attachment of the vacuum in order not to destroy the material of your furniture. Reach out on the corners of your furniture, under and behind the cushions.

Remember to rotate the cushions every time you vacuum and fatten any loose cushions and pillows. This will make your furniture to last longer aside from making it look even; thus making it more comfortable and striking.