What About Artificial Grass In Public Areas?

Many homes and companies have been pushing the artificial turf technology to the forefront. They have installed and used the synthetic grass for their yards and their places of business. A lot of cities have taken up the cause due to it being so environment-friendly. You can see this trend taking place all over city spaces. These large cities are realizing all the cost benefits along with the environmental advantages that artificial turf brings to the table. You see it in parks, sports fields, and other public spaces owned by the city.

Putting this kind of surface in can be a bit expensive. But it more than makes up for the cost through its benefits. Time and sweat are saved due to the low maintenance it carries. Natural grass needs to be watered and cut, and toiled over. While artificial grass drains on its own and maintains itself. So in the long run, what you save on water, power, and expenses, more than pays for the artificial turf.

As far as the athletic fields are concerned, in New York, the City’s Department of Health and for Mental Hygiene has been advocating for the use of this turf in the playing areas. They claim that once it’s installed, it’s much more level, and that the padding gives the kids a much safer playing environment. So there’s a safety factor there that really makes it appealing.


When you consider how often natural grass needs mowing, and artificial grass doesn’t, that’s a huge savings just by itself. Plus all the toxins used to maintain a natural surface are totally done away with. Pollution takes a hit along with expenses. No pesticides or harmful fertilizers to deal with. And with environmentalists pushing all the help for the environment they can these days, it just makes sense for cities to take up this artificial grass and make good use of it.

We’ve all seen streets closed down so the city can work on the water and trim the bushes and grass. Think of the savings that will be had here. These public places will not be subject to these maintenance duties, and this will enable them to serve the public much better. This way the city gets the maximum use out of this space.

There’s the area of durability too. Artificial turf is engineered to take the maximum abrasiveness from kids playing. So this means the parks can be full continually, and the turf can handle the load. They can practice sports and hold tournaments year round. It takes the weather much better as well. If an area goes through severe climate changes, that usually puts grass out of commission, it won’t have that kind of effect on artificial turf. This really is the wave of the future for the public arena.